Mother Wisdom   

This book of poems by pamela walker hart celebrates the power of Mother Wisdom.  It proclaims Love’s here-now embrace as the essential ingredient to replace fear and reverse dis-ease of  body, mind, and soul.  In a world where war, crime, want, disease scream - so loudly and so often - this collection of paintings and poems by award winning artist-author Pamela Walker Hart - with its focus on the healing power of Mother  Wisdom - offers solace.  

This volume - which also includes pictures of original art - encourages the reader to recognize and connect with the perennial presence of Mother Wisdom as the here-and-now  feeding, nurturing, directing, and protecting  power of life.    


It celebrates the quiet spaces where we slow down and listen.  The places where we discover – or reaffirm – our innate Mother Wisdom.  Where we hear Her angel messages  and respond to Her lessons of how to love and be loved.    Where we let Her lift the footsteps of our thought and life out of dungeons of apathy and fear.  Where we let Her nurture our trust in the ultimate victory of goodness over greed, kindness over hate.  Where we rejoice with heartfelt gratitude for Her protecting power in our life.  With Her support, we are able to take each next step with confidence and integrity. 

The pages of this book present more than a good read or pretty pictures.  For receptive hearts, they provide a place to embark on a life enhancing experience.


Soft bound, 36 pages, 30 full color reproductions, saddle stitched.  Please contact us for price and availability.